An estimated 33 to 35 million U.S. adults may experience depression at some time during their life. This disorder affects all human groups and women twice as often as men. Depressed people usually have the following symptoms:

· Always sad

· Irritable

· Hopelessness

· Sleep disturbed

· Loss of energy

· Lacking concentration

· Loss of interest in life

· Guilt feeling

Medical Doctors treat depression with the following drugs

· Abilify

· Celexa

· Cymbalta

· Prozac

· Welibutrin

· Xanax

· Zoloft

More people are rejecting drugs because of their propensity to have effects beyond the purpose for which they are prescribed. Drugs often cause more problems than they solve. Homeopathic remedies have been used for more than two hundred years without that issue. Homeopathy can cure disorders where drugs fail. Some homeopathic remedies and their indications are as follows:

Stannum Metallicum (tin) remedy profile

Sad and discouraged they dread seeing people. Very sensitive as to what others say. Anxious, miserable and discouraged and cannot get rid of an idea once fixed in mind. Introverted and dislike for society. Sudden fits of passion. Forgetful, absentminded, uneasy, hopeless, despondent; feels like crying all the time but crying aggravates.

Aurum (gold) remedy profile

Hopelessness with grief and the future looks dismal. There is a feeling of self-condemnation and utter worthlessness. There are mental derangements with weeping, praying and self reproach. They are hypersensitive to noise, excitement, confusion. They have a weak memory and talks much with an angry mood. They question without waiting for a reply. Feels they had neglected friends and duty. Feeling they do everything wrong and slower than expected.

Natrum Muraticum (Sodium Chloride) remedy profile

Is used for the effects of grief, disappointed love, fright and anger. The person is depressed and introverted dwelling on past sad memories. They hold a grudge and resentment for perceived pas offenses. They are irritable and consolation aggravates them. They want to be alone to cry as they cannot cry in front of others. Company distresses and they are claustrophobic. They have fear of rejection, robbers and being late. Thinking about their misfortunes causes weeping. Laughter often accompanied with tears. They are absent minded, scattered thoughts, Revengeful, and forgetful. Aversion to men, (females). There are alternating mental conditions with high highs and low lows.

Rhus Toxicondendron (poison oak) remedy profile

These people are anxious, sad, helpless and profoundly despondent. They are restless and require continued change of position. Their mind and senses become cloudy with incoherent talk. They answers questions correctly but are slow and reluctant. Fears are worse at night with apprehension that drives them from the bed. An Inclination to cry that is worse in the evening without reason with the desire for solitude. Fear of being drowned or poisoned. They are forgetful and cannot remember the most recent events. Always is confusion of mind and anxiety.

Homeopathy is a safe way to overcome the problems of depression and it can often be applied as a do it yourself medicine. Since it is not dangerous a prescription is not needed. When you find the resonating remedy you can depend on success.


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